Creative Consortium


Core Functionality – Form Ever Follows Function

Core FunctionalityCreative consortium firmly believes that the design should most importantly serve towards creation of residential and commercial adobes which provides maximum occupant comfort, fully justify the functional requirements and works well on design efficiency, for the reason that ‘No building would be appealing and reflecting timeless beauty if it is not functional’. The aesthetics are worked out from inside out, from parts to whole to create a holistically aesthetically pleasing and modern architectural output. Our aim is to create building envelopes which are alive with life and interact functionally to full user satisfaction.


“Most often I meet occupants of my Housing projects expressing immense satisfaction with the unit layout planning and comfortable daily living with ample light and natural ventilation. As a professional these are the very moments of my personal satisfaction, encouragement and motivation to create more living – Breathing & functional Building envelopes” – Ar. Madhu Garg (C.E.O. Creative Consortium)


Timeless design Principles

We are constantly motivated by the Fundamental Timeless Design Principles like – Importance of natural light / sunlight, natural ventilation, local materiality, design planning for human pre-disposition, human social intimacy requirements, social & family behavioral disposition. We understand that –“Building abodes are to be designed for Humans, by humans and need to relate at all levels with humans” (Ar. Madhu Garg)


Multi-functionality of Civic Landscapes

We imbibe the culture of Multi-Functionality of all civic landscapes. The infrastructure creation – like green landscapes or public spaces etc serves multiple functions like promoting social interactions and public recreations; enhancing locale microclimate; providing landscape aesthetics to site and surroundings; serving water sensitive urban infrastructures etc.


Sustainable Design

Sustainable DesignWe are fully committed to create building infrastructures which are environmentally friendly and consume fewer resources. The sustainable approach involves three main steps – step 1: Reduce the demands; Step 2: Optimize the Supply and Step 3: Provide alternative sources. Each project during the design evolution moves through the three steps and implementation varies based on the scale and background of the project.
We are affiliated with GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) & IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). Many government projects have complied with GRIHA Gold ratings.


Nature Inspired design – learn from natural Closed loop systems

Nature is the best teacher. Most often our designs are inspired from nature. Mimicking the nature we proudly take inspiration from nature for our living breathing building structures.


Adaptability & Resilience

Adaptability & ResilienceIn line with present and futuristic thinking the firm is working on providing more Adaptable and Resilient design solutions to serve social responsibility towards environment and to better serve the dynamic modernistic lifestyle requirements. Spaces and buildings which can adapt to changing requirements, provides for maximum flexibility with minimum interventional and presents itself as resilient structures with increased longevity and functionality would reduce the demand on resources for change and flexibility. Additionally the present modern lifestyle is remarkably marked by multi-tasking, transient, flexible, dynamism and modular living. With ease of adaptation these spaces would maximize comfort and deliver more with minimal covered area footprint. We have already implemented this thinking in our interior projects. We are confident to be pioneers of dynamic, adaptable complete building structures in North India.