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SSL Holiday Resort

A cursory glance on global economic and political activities will indicate that india is coming forward as a force to reckon with, especially after opening out its market to international scene and upsurge of a literate and technical working force. Closely following china , india has become a centre of attraction for foreign investments, tourism and spiritual refuge. India has adopted the conversion of its population problem into the benefits of cheap and efficient working force.

The above scenario has activated the visit of foreign investors to Delhi and other large growth centre having potential of global collaboration. these foreign businessmen do take an opportunity to mix business with pleasure which is economically available in India compare to other global destination this calls for setting up a health resort cum recreation centre, centrally located to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Bangalore and Chandigarh etc. This shall provide the facilities of:

  • Peaceful living.
  • Health and yoga activities.
  • Shopping facilities at par with international Market.
  • 4 Star hotel accommodations for guest.
  • Holidaying in Holiday Resorts.
  • Recreational facilities like: Golf Club/Golf Course,

Holiday cottages attached with Drink, Dance, Dinning and Skating facilities.