Creative Consortium

Farm House Chandigarh

Project Location: Chandigarh
Project Status: Completed(2010-2011)

It is an attempt for the creation of a perfect environment for design of a health retreat in the suburbs adjoining the boundaries of city Beautiful Chandigarh for the owner of a top reputed business man.

As per client’s requirement, the built up area has to be very small, strictly as per utility requirements for a Gym, Lounge, Sauna & Steam, Conference hall cum reading room, swimming pool with open bath areas and open decks with fire place in the central lawn are all arranged with maximum inter locking of functional spaces and open landscaped spaces. The sloping roofs with clay tiles and use of bricks tiles with clear glass windows for maximum light, ventilation and view of surroundings have been achieved.

“Farm House – stands as a symbol of modern naturalistic Design approach where creative spaces merge with naturalistic surrounding to invigorate a sense of health & wellbeing.” – Ar. Madhu Garg